Correct Broken and Inappropriate Links in "Mozilla Forum Etiquette"


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There are links on the cited page that are 404.  Among them are:

Under "Be civil": 
"removed from the news server" links to <>.  

Under "Stay on topic":
"mozilla.general" links to <> and "eligible for removal" links to <>.  

Under "No 'unsubscribe' messages":
"How To Subscribe" links to <>.  

Additionally, at the very end of the page, the sentence "Learn more about Usenet newsgroups and Usenet etiquette at the Usenet Info Center." contains a link to <>.  A more appropriate wording would be "Learn more abut Usenet newsgroups at Big-8 Usenet and about Usenet etiquette at Netiquette Guidelines."  The link for "Big-8 Usenet" is <>.  The link for "Netiquette Guidelines" is <>.  

Reproducible: Always

Regarding the last sentence:  

1.  "Big-8 Usenet" at <> is the official site of the Big8 Management Board, which oversees the creation and elimination of Usenet newsgroups.  "Usenet Info Center" is an unofficial site.  

2.  "Netiquette Guidelines" at <> is the RFC that specifies Usenet (and non-Usenet, too) etiquette.

Comment 1

8 years ago
I fixed the broken links.  Please let me know if I missed any.

For the suggestion about changing the text at the end of the page, I'll let Gerv respond to that.

Comment 2

8 years ago
The link for "removed from the news server" and "eligible for removal" (both using the same URI) has been fixed.  However, the resulting "Newsgroups Message Cancellation Policy" page at <> contains two links for "etiquette guidelines" at <> which is 404.  Does this require a new bug report?  

The link for "mozilla.general" has been fixed.  Note that the "news:" URIs for newsgroups at <> do not work; this is addressed in several other (older) bug reports and is not a Websites/ problem.  

The link for "How To Subscribe" has been fixed.

Comment 3

8 years ago
Thanks for catching the broken links on the Cancellation page -- those should be fixed now and the change should show up soon.

Good point about the news: links.  I at least changed the link the mozilla.test to point to the test forum section on the Forums page the same way we are linking to mozilla.general at the top of the page.
I removed the last paragraph entirely.


Comment 5

8 years ago
Re comment #4:  I guess that's okay.  Although I prefer more information instead of less, unofficial information might not be as good as none at all.
With the links fixed and last paragraph removed, this bug looks fixed to me.
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6 years ago
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