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accessibility issue for finding ruby element


(Core :: Find Backend, enhancement)

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Koji Ishii-san said that there are some issues about "find in page" vs. <ruby>.

A word in <ruby> may be separated by ruby-text. For example:


this will be rendered as (after bug 256274 and bug 33339):

   T    K   G

Then, users cannot find the original word "TKG" by find.

Furthermore, even if web pages use simplest ruby style, such as:


In this case, users cannot find "TKGを".

I guess <ruby> will be used in many pages after we implement it by Shiozawa-san's work (bug 256274) because we're last implementer in major web browser vendors. Then, this might become major issue of find.

In the latter case, there is a very difficult issue. Users should be able to find both "TKGを" and "ごはんを". So, there are parallel text content around ruby element. I have no idea about the way to find from both text.

Do you have good ideas about these issues?
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