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Sync UI: Add a Device wizard pixel-shifts while validating J-PAKE pin


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The vertical positions of elements in the Add a Device wizard shift position based on whether the throbber and/or error message are shown.

A polish nit, and not something most users would probably notice, but fairly noticeable if you're looking for it.

It looks like what's happening is:
1 - The wizard page contains several spacers with vertical flex.
2 - While the pin is being entered, the throbber and the error status message have height 0, and the spacers have a certain height.
3 - While the throbber is shown, the throbber has height 16, and the flex height of the spacers changes.
4 - While the error message is shown, the error message has height 20, and the flex height of the spacers changes again, to a third value.

1 - Start Firefox nightly with a profile that is already set up with a Sync account.
2 - Open Firefox options/preferences window to the Sync pane.
3 - Click 'add a device' to open the Add a Device wizard.
4 - In the wizard, enter some random garbage pin.
5 - This should show first the throbber, then the error message, which should show the shifting vertical positions.

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rnewman: added you to review this one as well then.
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> rnewman: added you to review this one as well then.


Repro'ing now.
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patch for bug 621517

<3 polish!
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Hooray! Awesome job, Marina!
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