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Stylish 1.1b1 breaks the extension manager which in turn breaks application update


(Firefox :: Extension Compatibility, defect)

Windows XP
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Firefox 4.0b6


(Reporter: terrell.kelley, Assigned: christian)



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While I was able to successfully upgrade to this version from Beta 6, I cannot get it to work for Beta 8. When ever I use the About Firefox dialog, I get the spinner, and it never determines whether there is a new version or not.

I did not see this on the list of known issues, and, for all I know, you fixed it Beta 8.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click Help on either the Firefox button or the menu bar.
2. Click About Firefox.
Actual Results:  
Dialog box continually says "Checking for updates."

Expected Results:  
Dialog box should say "Update Found,"  "Click here to update," and/or similar.

I'm using a copy of a profile I've been using since Firefox 3.0.

And do remember that this worked properly back on Beta 6.

And please do not ignore because it's from Beta 7, as your feedback button seems to claim you will. It would be improper to say the bug was in Beta 8.

The "easy workaround is to install Beta 8 manually."
Component: General → Application Update
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
QA Contact: general → application.update
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Please set app.update.log (create it beforehand) in about:config to "true".
Try to Update again.
Then post your Error Console Output.
It's hanging on the following:

Warning: WARN addons.manager: Exception calling callback: TypeError: aAddon.isCompatibleWith is not a function

Just in case, I put the rest of the output in an attachment. Sorry that I didn't realize that I could have included this message above.
Please post a lit of the extensions you have installed.
I can do you one better. Once I saw the error, I went through all my extensions. I know exactly which one was causing the problem.

Stylish 1.1b1, available here:

I'm not closing, just in case the bug is with Firefox, not the extension.
Thanks, moving over to add-on compatibility in the hope of getting the extension fixed. 

Note: there is bug 595078 to try to prevent extensions from doing this on the app update side and bug 595081 should also help.
Component: Application Update → Extension Compatibility
Product: Toolkit → Firefox
QA Contact: application.update → extension.compatibility
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 4.0b6
Summary: Automatic updates not working → Stylish 1.1b1 breaks the extension manager which in turn breaks application update
I do want to add that GreaseMonkey 2010.12.24.nightly also modifies the extension manager, but does not break updates.
Oops, I forgot the URL:
This seems like a good candidate for blocklisting, yes? Just for FF4 that is.
I don't know. The extension manager works, other than breaking application updates. And it only breaks them when an update exists. The user can easily install the update manually. (Something like the fix for Bug 595455 would be nice, though. If the update manager has hung for a certain amount of time, display a failure notice and add an option to download the update manually.)

Perhaps a block only on older versions of the 4.0beta would make sense. Is that possible?

Also, is anyone going to confirm?
Okay, this is fixed in Stylish 1.1b3 on my end. I vote close RESOLVED, but I'll let you guys decide. 

If you want, blacklist anyone from downloading 1.1b1.
I verified that with Stylish 1.1b1 still breaks the add-ons manager even with the code that somewhat locks down the add-ons manager. I think we should blocklist Stylish 1.1b1.

btw: the patch in bug 595078 fixes this for me.
Ever confirmed: true
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Comment on attachment 503997 [details]
Add to the blocklist DB, which will then get slurped into the tree

Looks good to me.
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Filed bug 627406 for IT to update the production DB.
This has been run on production and should now be fixed.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
How come that Firefox 62.0b4 greets me with wanting to disable Stylish v3.11 due to being blocked with this 8 year old bug referenced as reason?
(In reply to neongrau from comment #17)
> How come that Firefox 62.0b4 greets me with wanting to disable Stylish v3.11
> due to being blocked with this 8 year old bug referenced as reason?

The correct bug id is

The incorrect reference has been raised here:
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