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XPCShell Harness
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7 years ago
I just discovered that, in needing to add the runtime path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, also clobberes any pre-existing LD_LIBRARY_PATH in

This, in the instance that I've hit, prevents running xpcshell tests on comm-central trunk, since we need a specific LD_LIBRARY_PATH set until we fully switch to the new GCC.
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Fix v.1

Not actually my patch - after I pushed my broken one which was stealing (poorly) from mozmill to ThunderbirdTry, I saw that jhopkins had already pushed a better one, which eventually worked once TbTry started actually passing LD_LIBRARY_PATH in.
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Fix v.1

The ":".join bit seems excessive, self.xrePath + ":" + self.env["LD_LIBRARY_PATH"] would be fine, but it's not a deal breaker.
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Excessive, but idiomatic (and better than the also idiomatic, and even more excessive, way that I was going to steal from mozmill, Dunno whether Python really is terrible at concatting strings, or it's just historical avoidance of some perf problem concatting a thousand in a tight loop in Python 1.0, but Python people avoid "foo" + "bar" like the plague.

checkin-needed BEWARE: I told myself "I'll just push to try and strip off the trychooser bit from the message and export so it will be ready to land" but something shiny distracted me, so if someone gets to it before me, please remember to get rid of the try:... in the commit message.
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String concatenation via + is only frowned upon in loops in Python, AFAIK. I think if you're only concatenating two strings you don't win anything by using join.
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