Word Wrap on PopUp reminder; Title and Date/Time; tasks; events



7 years ago
7 years ago


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7 years ago
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Build Identifier: 1.0b2

On the reminders, the popup dialog comes up as a default size.

For me, often the first or second line is bigger than the programmers expected.  

The first line contains the main title/heading for Tasks & Events, and the second line contains the date/time.

Instead of wrapping, they both extend out to the right, forcing part of the line  [in the default popup] to be non-visible at first glance.  This also places the snooze button for that event/task off to the right.   All are accesible with the horizontal scroll that appears.

This formatting with longer titles, and also with date/times that schedule over multiple days making a long date/time line.

The formatting, now in place, removes the ability to quick read the reminder, and to quickly handle it with single mouse movement/clicks, as the manipulating the horizontal scroll is necessary, first.

Reproducible: Always

Expected Results:  
The title line and the date/time line in reminders should have a default wrap, as part of the field definition, rather than as wide as the window allows.   This way, the entire content is visible, and the snooze button is immediately accessible when the item pops up.

I assume this minor change to the two fields will extend the height of the parent event/task bar in the reminder window, pushing following events/tasks further down as necessary.

If plausible, I would suggest set the field to have a hanging indent, too.
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