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[lij] [Fx] New localization: Ligurian


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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.4; lij; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10
Build Identifier: Firefox 3.6

Dear maintainers,
I'm Alessio Gastaldi from the team L10n:Teams:lij
I ask you to register my team because we are close to finish traductions for firefox 3.6, you can see our work in narro, the language is ligurian.

Thank you
Alessio Gastaldi

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Duplicate of this bug: 622446
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I've Exported the firefox 3.6 from Narro for review.

Alessio Gastaldi
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Attached file Firefox 3.6 LIGURIAN LIJ (obsolete) —
I attach the update I have done of firefox 3.6 for the code review.

Assignee: nobody → registration
QA Contact: registration
Attached file Firefox BETA LIGURIAN LIJ (obsolete) —
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the ligurian team is still working:
I've attached the Firefox BETA version.
We have an add-on on page on:
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You actually want to request review, so setting the review flag to ?
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Summary: Register L10 Team (LIJ) ligurian → [lij] [Fx] New localization: Ligurian
Duplicate of this bug: 606939
is the registration process for new localization LIJ ok?
Do you need some additional informations?
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Hi Alessio, what project are you attaching here from Narro ? Firefox Aurora or Release ? Because you say BETA and that's actually a channel name.

For what's currently in Firefox Aurora in Narro, compare locales after export outputs:

// remove this file
// remove this file
ERROR: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 28, column 269 within netOffline.longDesc2
keys: 1018
unchanged: 1502
changed: 4169
errors: 1
73% of entries changed

You have an unclosed </ul> tag here:
Yes, it was an old beta that I attached, we can work now (as you said) on the Aurora in Narro,
I've seen the error and corrected it, I forget an </ul>.
Now it is correct. I must attach something else?
I'd appreciate an updated attachment, yes.
Attached file The Last Firefox Aurora Update (obsolete) —
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Attachment #556504 - Flags: review?
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The Last Firefox Aurora Update

Hi there, sorry for the looong lag. In particular, as I sadly need to r- this, and that is something I could have done much earlier.

The main reason for the r- is that you're not far enough in the translation work to start bothering you with our release process and magic. I'll give you the full review as laid out in right now anyhow, so that you know what other things should be addressed still.

In toolkit/, please set the language title to Ligurian (in Ligurian)

The en-US searchplugins in browser/searchplugins shouldn't be there, as the build process will pick those up from the en-US sources anyway, but that might be a narro bug. The list.txt is OK for now, we'll adjust that to make sense when we go through the release process with some dedicated bugs.

In toolkit/chrome/global/,
general.useragent.locale should just be lij
intl.accept_languages should be something like lij, it, en-us, en
unless you think that people would prefer en-GB over en-US, then that should be listed instead.

I didn't find any other technical issues, so please keep working on this. And sorry again for the lack of feedback.
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Thanks for your feedback, I'll work on it.

Thanks to your detailed review I've checked it and many problem you have found was caused (so I think) by export problem in Narro.
I correct anyway the general.useragent.locale that was wrong.
Here the new attachment :)
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12/12/2011 Firefox Aurora

From 20% to 73%, that was quick.

The fixes to aren't really right yet:

general.useragent.locale should be just 

intl.accept_languages should be something like
lij, it, en-US, en


lij, it, en-GB, en

We can fix that when we're doing the rest of the fixes, though, this is an r+.

I'll go ahead and file a bunch of new bugs, each covering some aspects of the process to get lij building, wrapped up in terms of search and friends, exposed on the web and finally shipping as final release.
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Firstly, welcome to the new world, we're now on track to get localized builds for Ligurian Firefox Aurora.

*Immediate Next Steps*

To get them to ship to users, we'll need to work on the bugs blocking your release tracker,

*Staying connected*

Essential messages will show up on the l10n announce newsgroup,, available as mailing list, newsgroup or google group. You really want to subscribe to that.
You should also follow the Mozilla l10n newsgroup, The traffic isn't too high frequency, and this covers topics of general interest to Mozilla localizers. There's a third group,, where we discuss web localization issues. That's a separate group as quite a few localization teams have dedicated volunteers for that.

*Ligurian Builds of Firefox*

We refer to the pre-release versions of Firefox as "builds". These are where you will continue to work and test to perfect your localization. They're coming in two variants:

- Nightlies. You find those on Sometimes it starts with old versions, so you wanna look at the end what's the current version, and then search for the firefox-VERSION.lij.win32.installer.exe, firefox-VERSION.lij.linux-i686.tar.bz2, or firefox-VERSION.lij.mac.dmg files for win, linux, and mac, resp. These files are good to use for daily browsing, and they'll get a small incremental update every other night, bringing both the latest of the stability release as well as your landings to you and your fellow testers. Once the web pages are up, you'll also find those builds on

- Tinderbox builds. Those get built within a few minutes after you landed fixes in hg and pushed them to the upstream repo. Those are the right thing to quickly verify that the changes you made work in the build. These builds can be found on (note the different dir two levels up).

Both of these builds are coming from your new hg repository. Once that's up, you can clone it with anonymously, and with ssh:// instead of http:// once you got your hg account.

Please make sure that you're adressing the comments I made here as part of the review.

*Monitoring your localization now and in the future*

Now, as if that wasn't enough, there are a few places on the web that you should regularly check to see if there's stuff to do. One would be the web dashboard (you'll use that to hunt down the web pages for your Firefox release), The other one is called the dashboard, you can find it at And you and your peers should start watching the bugzilla alias for your locale, lij@localization.bugs, once it's created. You can do that at the bottom of

Enjoy and congratulations!
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Thanks Axel!
I've just set like you suggest:


lij, it, en-US, en
(I prefer american version)
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