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"ASSERTION: Wrong scope, this is really bad!"


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###!!! ASSERTION: SHEntry already contains viewer: '!aViewer || !mContentViewer', file docshell/shistory/src/nsSHEntry.cpp, line 240

###!!! ASSERTION: Wrong scope, this is really bad!: 'JS_GetGlobalForObject(cx, obj) == newScope', file content/base/src/nsDocument.cpp, line 3796

The first assertion also happens in bug 622319, but the second assertion doesn't.
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That first assert looks bad.
Whiteboard: [sg:critical?]
I'll look at this.
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(though I don't know why this is sg:crit)
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> (though I don't know why this is sg:crit)

This can cause an XPCWrappedNative to be in an XPCWrappedNativeScope that it doesn't expect, causing possible free'd memory writes after the wrapped native gets collected (see also bug 555109).
blocking2.0: --- → betaN+
Happens also on 1.9.2
Whiteboard: [sg:critical?] → [sg:critical?], softblocker
Whiteboard: [sg:critical?], softblocker → [sg:critical?][softblocker]
So this has something to do with javascript urls and artificial about:blank
documents which are created only for javascript urls... still debugging...
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(Don't know who else could review this)

So, this is the simplest fix I could think of. This was for some reason very 
tricky to debug. The problem is that first a content viewer is created for
javascript:. Then when reloading, because of about:blank creation, we end up 
calling contentviewer->Close(mOSHE), although we're just reloading mOSHE.
A new content viewer is then created, which will then have the same
nsSHEntry and the content viewer will be re-cached when a third content viewer
is loaded to docshell.
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Looks good.
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