Crash [@ libGLESv2.dll@0x92aa ] after closing x3d demo tab




8 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: ted, Unassigned)


Windows 7

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Viewing the demo in the URL field on my Windows 7 machine, I crash pretty reliably shortly after closing the tab.

Is libGLESv2.dll part of my graphics driver?
libGLESv2.dll is the ANGLE library, it's something that we build as part of the tree, it's an implementation of OpenGL ES on top of Direct3D.

To help debug (and confirm it's a bug in ANGLE) please run a debug build with MOZ_GL_DEBUG.
Ted, are you on ATI?  ATI does ship an EGL/GLESv2 implementation on Windows with their latest drivers; we'll try to use it if we can't load ANGLE.  (Or wait, maybe we won't, because the ANGLE EGL will always be in our path first...)

However, this also brings up another point -- we need to somehow get symbols for ANGLE into crash reporter.  Not sure what's needed.
Yeah, I have a Radeon X1300/X1550. It's kind of crappy but it probably lets me test what our users are going to hit. :)

I looked on the symbol server, and we certainly have some ANGLE symbols, so I wonder if this is in fact ATI's DLL. I'll have to poke and figure out what's actually being loaded in my process.

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8 years ago
lm will tell you...
D'oh. Apparently I had installed some test ANGLE extension that vlad had produced a while back. Uninstalling it makes this go away.
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