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RSS button in Toolbar should be colored orange when RSS available


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I learned that FF 4 does not have a RSS icon in its location bar anymore.
Therefore I added the RSS Button to FF's tool bar.

However, the look of the RSS button when there's no RSS feed available
and the look of the button when there is a RSS feed available
is pretty much the same.
Thus it's hard to distinguish between them and to realize that RSS feeds are available:
--> see screenshot - line 1 and 2

Therefore I request to repaint the button with orange when there's a RSS feed available:
--> see screenshot - line 3

Reproducible: Always
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The glyphs used for the RSS icon were established in bug 596731. Not sure they would be willing to change for 4.0 at this stage.
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Maybe a more discreet alternative could be
just to color the button's glyphs orange when a RSS feed is available
(and leave the button's background as it is).
You can do this yourself with a relatively simple userChrome code:

#feed-button:not([disabled="true"]) {
background-color: rgba(250,130,0, 1) important;}

#feed-button:not([disabled="true"]):hover {
  background-color: rgba(255,170,0, 1) !important;
 border-color: rgba(250,130,0,.6) !important;}
Okay, but I didn't mean that the button should change its color on HOVER.
What I meant was, that the button should change color automatically (w/o hover) when a website offers a RSS feed - to make it more visible that RSS feeds are available.
The current visual difference between gray (no RSS feed avaible) and black (RSS feed available) is not easy to recognize.
Shouldn't the glyph used in the toolbar button be consistent with that used in the bookmarks button and firefox menu. These use the standard orange RSS icon when a feed is available, (and no icon when one isn't).
Sounds reasonable. Then we are back an icon 3 of my screenshot.
(In reply to comment #5)

Try the hack, it changes the color when RSS feed is available.  

Using an orange glyph was mentioned in bug 596731, but I don't know if it was ever actually discussed or considered.
Aaaah, okay... Now it works. There was just one "!" missing in the second line of your code, which I added now:

#feed-button:not([disabled="true"]) {
background-color: rgba(250,130,0, 1) !important;}

#feed-button:not([disabled="true"]):hover {
background-color: rgba(255,170,0, 1) !important;
border-color: rgba(250,130,0,.6) !important;}

Now it works. Thanks a lot :-) This hack makes life much easier :-)

However: Shouldn't "something like this" become standard in FF ?
also not sure if it's filed into a separated bug, the possibility to put back the icon in adress bar (when doing customize bar, put the RSS icon at the right of stop button)
This CSS hack no longer appears to work with the final release of FF4.

It's bad enough the RSS indicator is no longer a standard part of the toolbar, but this lack of contrast in feed availability states adds injury to insult.

FWIW, the affected platform includes Mac OS X as well.
Re comment#11:
I am also using FF 4 final.
The css code still works in my case (--> also see comment#9).
@rosaroter-panther It's behaving for me as you thought it might in comment #5, where it activates only on actual hover. What's maddening is that I could swear this was working fine in the RC, which ought to be identical to the final, right?

Ah, the irony of having to beg for the return of this standard RSS icon:
False alarm. Sorry for the noise. It looks like this is a pentadactyl regression. I had disabled the addon so I thought I had eliminated it as a factor, but apparently it still has some bearing on this even when disabled. Installing an older nightly of the addon restored the correct behavior, so I'll track this down elsewhere.

Firefox no longer support RSS feeds, see bug 1498730

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