I/O read/write should use 16M read/write size for net & file I/O; current size is pathological -- TB hangs



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I was sending a 21M file and it was (still is) taking 'forever'. 
I'm using Imap, and the extension is an a network share, which exacerbated the problem.

But problems noticed using a 'wireshark' dump:
1) SMB read size is only reading in 16K chunks.  This should be increased to 16M.
The read speed @4K/s over a dedicated 1Gb net is < 0.25 MB/s, or less than 0.3% of expected (max *measured* is 119MB/s, using cygwin's "dd" program to read from a network file).

The 2nd problem is the network I/O size of <8K.  This also gives low I/O, on the order of < 0.3MB (also <0.3% network usage).  

To send this file, would have taken (it crashed trying to send it due to it trying to *also* save a 80MB message I was composing at the same time -- adding 280 seconds to the cycle):
1) 90s to read pdf from disk(net)
2) 70s to send to sendmail
3) +90s to read again (needed to read attachment twice!)
4) 70s to copy to sent folder (send to IMAP)
total: 320s, or over 5 minutes.
My 'save copy' time is 5 minutes, so it triggered as well, trying to save my "work", adding more time.

A 2nd message that was open in compose had an 84MB attachment and had also started saving -- something that would have taken 280s.

This is completely unacceptable performance when all I/O is 'local' (local, including a 100+MB I/O network -- that's megabytes, not megabits, and the actual measured maxumums are 125MB write, 119MBread).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Put large (~20MB) file on local share (w/+tuned+ network I/O so it's not a drag; note that local network is 1Gb)
2. Use IMAP and try to send file.
3. Note that Tbird uses <0.3 - 0.4% max of network bandwidth and takes *WAY* to long to send file. 

At over 320 seconds to send the file, that's over 320 times as long -- but at 3m20s, the process hung.

Actual Results:  
tbird hung trying to send file due to slow I/O (likely due to trying to 'save' work of file being sent or 2nd file in compose buffer (84MB in len).

Expected Results:  
20MB file should transfer to my local server with all I/O done, in a few seconds.  If I/O was optimized, it would take <1 second.  

With gmail having over 6G of space, sending a multi-meg file shouldn't be unreasonable.  But Tbird's perf


8 years ago
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Keywords: perf
We aren't working on 2.x anymore !!!! Closing as wontfix !
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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8 years ago
L A Walsh,
Version 3 is considerably different from version 2. But if this affects version 3.1 in a similar way, please update the bug. Stats based on trunk builds would be even better. Thanks.
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