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Anne van Kesteren's research (<>)
suggests that no other browser supports this charset. Also, it was never registered at IANA. I believe we should improve interoperability by dropping support.
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Removing support for things just because we're the only browser that supports them seems to me to be taking interoperability too far.
What's the point in supporting them, though?  Is there content that uses this encoding?  If people are creating new content, wouldn't it be better if they use UTF-8 and indicate language with the lang attribute?

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7 years ago
There is a couple of reasons I would like browsers to consider removing encodings only they support (Opera will in due course remove support for windows-sami-2 I hope):

1. Reduces code complexity.
2. Lowers the possibility that web content will rely on support.
3. Removes the possibility that web content will use it as label while assuming non-support because it is not tested in the browser that has support.

And overall I think that tightening up the legacy encodings so that they can become a fixed list of legacy encodings shared among all browsers in the long term is a good idea. It also gets us closer to the goal of being able to define exactly what you need to do to implement a browser that can process web content around the world.
Gia, do you have any comments on this?

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6 years ago
Geostd8 is not even registered on the IANA registry.
Moreover, the implementation was broken until 2009.
So I don't believe someone relies on the support for this encoding.
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OK, so be it (though I would like to have got confirmation from someone in the Georgian community)
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6 years ago
sorry [for the late answer],
Geostd8 is the encoding approved by the local government (not abolished yet).
For now there are [only] few sites using mentioned encoding for the content.

Anyway, personally i have no objection for removing the support.

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