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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Assuming is still up to date, Sync doesn't handle a URIs referrers at all.
It's up to date, we don't sync that info. We could add that info to the object in a semi-backwards compatible way. Older clients would just ignore it, but if they replace the object on the server, the info would be gone in their version of the record.

Related IRC transcript:

sdwilsh: you have to be careful there too, when you start doing those
sdwilsh: becuase of how the server sends it, you can still be broken
sdwilsh: it'd break whenever the user navigates like this:
sdwilsh: A -> [any set of pages] -> A
sdwilsh: the server would send the two visits for A at the same time, and when places tries to look up the session of the visit before the second A, it wouldn't be in there (or when it looked up the session for the visit after the first A, it wouldn't be there)
sdwilsh: we have the same problem in the places backend, which is sucky
sdwilsh: but I thikn I"ll punt it to a follow-up
sdwilsh: because we don't have to be correct here now for Sync
sdwilsh: and it'll be hard to be correct
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Whiteboard: [sync:history] → [sync:history][sync:rigor]
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