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(Reporter: Eve Murto, Assigned: Lee Tom)




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Please help us out with a few graphics for our January newsletter: 

a) Photo of Frog for Firefox Tales spot: 
The Frog on this page:
Spec - we need a graphic of this size: 102 x 104 with a nice trim like it appears on the web site 

b) Editors Note - (main graphic) Spaceship 

Love to see if its possible to use the Monkeys tuning up the spaceship from the Performance page:

Spec - replaces superfan graphic which is 203 x 235.  If you can create something similar, we can place it in that spot and adjust, and please let me know the final pixel count. 

c) Lead Story - clock  (need something about 86 x91 or so) 

We'd love to get the first blue clock with the hot pink hands, currently found on the performance page (

d) Firefox 4 Beta (67x180)

In the "Healthy Computing" section we'd like a button for "Download Firefox 4". we have a current download button which promotes Download Firefox 3.6, but need one for Firefox 4 Beta. (Perhaps its as easy as adjusting the text in the current button)? 

e) Small graphic or icon to symbolize "Personas" to use in right sidebar. 
Needs to include the rounded rim of the box (upper right corner). 

Need by Monday if possible, let me know ... many thanks! 



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OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All

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7 years ago
Lee, we need some newsletter design help.
Assignee: jslater → ltom

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7 years ago
For (a) above, the photo for the Firefox Tales piece,  can you please change it to be a Jaguar photo found on this page, rather than the frog suggested above.   We're doing a story mentioning Jaguar the Jaguar would be a better fit.

thank you, 

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7 years ago
Hi Eve,
Here's a link to the Jan 2011 assets:

Let me know if you have any questions or problems with any of the graphics,

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7 years ago
Hi Lee, 

We added it in but are having problems with the box edges.  We talked with Fred for html assistance and he suggested we turn to you.  

Here are Fred comments:  

I think this is a design issue -- the little images have part of the box's
border attached to them. That apparently breaks if the text is larger than

Short-term, it might be possible to add a piece of border to the images where
they are too short, but that's certainly not a good idea everytime you are
sending a newsletter. Instead, you should probably redesign the boxes in a way
that can adapt to varying text sizes.


Can you assist?  

The file is located in the 2011 Mainstream News folder.  File name 2011_1 about mobile newsletter.htm 


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7 years ago
Hi Winston,
Eve mentioned that this issue had surfaced for the December newsletter. I'm planning on redesigning the current newsletter template to match the site redesign (for Feb newsletter, I'm guessin) At that point, I'll have a chance to eliminate the rounded corners of those side-pods. As Fred mentioned, the short term solution of extending the border could work. Stay tuned. I'll try to revise those assets soon.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 503667 [details]
Jan 2011 newsletter - assets

Based on the html rendering from the Responsys folder, I expanded the edges of these 3 assets. I hope they fit better now.

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7 years ago
Looking great!  That fixed almost everything.  There's still one more spot on the Organizing Photos Online.  I marked it up in the attached screenshot.

Also, to your earlier point, I like the idea of getting rid of our curves in the redesign.  Thanks.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 503676 [details]
last error on curved sidebar

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7 years ago
Created attachment 503679 [details]
rock icon

I made edits to this asset earlier, but maybe it was not in my last attachment..?


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