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Connection to Mozilla-MV sluggish



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7 years ago
3 years ago


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7 years ago
I've been trying to access QA systems in Mozilla-MV for a couple weeks and it's been pretty sluggish.

Systems: QA-Set, QA-Horus
VPN: Mozilla-MV
ISP: Shaw Canada, 25Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up

I'm fairly certain this is a connectivity issue.  Is there any way I can check my connection to see if there is a problem?  Is there any problem server side which might be affecting connectivity?


PS. I'm using OpenVPN on Mac.  I can attach my connection log if you need it.


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7 years ago
Just realized I forgot to mention my symptoms:

* takes 3-5 seconds to render a window change
* takes 1-2 seconds to render a keypress
* some keypresses are repeated (ie. if I press ENTER it might repeat that keystroke upwards of 10 times)

I'm connecting to the machines through Mac Screen Sharing and to the VPN with OpenVPN.
Assignee: server-ops → network-operations

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7 years ago
If you install mtr though MacPorts or similar and run it to for a period of time (1-5 minutes) and paste in the results.

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7 years ago
Forgive me but I'm not all that familiar with MTR.

When I run the following command:
mtr --report --address

I get the following error:
mtr: failed to bind to interface: Can't assign requested address
mtr: Couldn't set interface address.

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7 years ago


should be fine.

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7 years ago
Running now, thanks.  I'll attach the report in 5 minutes.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 503361 [details]
mtr log

Here is my mtr log -- it ran for 17 minutes...

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7 years ago
I know this is a pretty low priority, but could I get an update on this bug? The problem seems to be getting worse every week.  Sometimes I have to wait as much as 10 seconds before a mouse click is registered on the machine.

We could use another mtr output to confirm, but the problem seems to be based around Shaw, your cable modem provider. By hop 6 (which is still inside Shaw's network) the ping times are reaching as high as 700ms. This can easily explain the very poor network latency you're experiencing.

You're also experiencing minor packet loss to your very first hop. Are you on a wireless connection? Even small amounts of packet loss can have an immediate, negative impact on TCP performance.

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7 years ago
Ping times now seem to be reduced to 230ms at worst.  Next time I'll monitor with mtr and complain to my ISP.  Thanks.
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