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I increase product amount through javaScript button. When i click it whole page reloads (as written in JS code assigned to button) but FF cant follow exact amount of times i pressed the button, while IE does it perfectly even when the page is reloaded


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3.6 Branch
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There is a "+" button on my web page to increase amount of products to buy (in the cart). FF allows to click it pretty fast (as js assigned - each click reloads the page) but it can't control the amount and if i see 27 (for example) on the screen it actually changes back to let's say 20 beacause tracking was lost because of the page reload. I tested the same situation in IE browser. It works perfectly even if page reloads and if i clicked 27 times it will actually display 27 when page refreshed for the last time.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Assign amount (keep in session or db)
2. Place it in the text field
3. Make a button and assign js to increase that amount + assign page reload to save changes (no ajax)
Actual Results:  
FF can't track all the clicks i made

Expected Results:  
amount on the screen should match amounts of clicks.

it should track all the clicks (IE does it perfectly)
please add the url to this bug so we can test this.
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
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