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Cleanup CSS problems from using physical units


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Bug 590817 landed a patch the use physical units in CSS (mozmm) for Android. There are some things we need to cleanup when running on mdpi devices:
* urlbar endcaps have white backgrounds
* browser-controls buttons are too crowded
* dropmarker is stretched in menulist controls
* the thumbnail is slightly offset in it's frame
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Keywords: polish
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0+
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
Whiteboard: [fennec-softblocker]
Found some others:
* Firefox Spark button is misaligned
* Give Feedback and Get Help on home page are re-flowed poorly
* The "stop" button image is too big and forces the urlbar to grow vertically while loading a page
Attached patch patch 1Splinter Review
This patch fixes:
* Endcaps background
* Firefox Spark (removes the "play" button)
* Fixes the get help and give feedback flow problems
* Removes dead transparent padding in the stop button image to get to 30px

I don't think we will get smaller button images for this release, so I am asking for a review on this patch alone
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Attached patch patch 2Splinter Review
While testing this, I found another problem.  At 300dpi or higher, the urlbar and endcap backgrounds are broken.  This fixes them without changing the appearance at lower resolutions, though we need new assets to properly fix the "active" backgrounds.

The only 300dpi Android device available now is the Sharp IS03 in Japan, but you can test this change by setting the "css.layout.dpi" pref to 300.  An IS03 user mentioned problems in a Market review, which I think are solved by this patch.
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Matt can close this when he lands. We can file a new bug for 2.0next cleanup
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