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Profiles with custom paths should not generate subfolders


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From a commenter on my blog:

I’m a moderator on the MozillaZine forums. Our experience has been that moving a profile is a common user task, and that editing profiles.ini is very error prone for many users.

That is why documents how to move a profile using the profile manager. It relies upon the profile manager updating profiles.ini with the specified location when you create a profile. That doesn’t work with this utility as it creates a subdirectory with a different name instead. i.e. when I tell it to create a profile at C:\Users\eric\Profiles\Firefox\tanstaafl it created a b0myawu9.tanstaafl subdirectory there and updated profiles.ini to use it instead.

I also tried the copy command. It too created and used a subdirectory.

I realize the bug report states this is not a end user tool but Mozilla removing support for the profile manager and this utility being the only available substitute creates a real problem. Please consider either changing the behavior, adding a optional setting to enable the current behavior, or adding some menu command that updates profiles.ini to use a profile at the specified location.

Using a different location than the one specified adds no value for most testers (there are better ways to protect a profile and its not even an issue if you are the only one with access to the PC) and prevents this tool from being used to move a profile.
I agree with that. I have to use the built in profile manager to move or create profile for the path I want. The project should integrate the built in behavior when creating new profile or copy.
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