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[mozbot.pl] Investigate splitting out the base module and admin module from mozbot.pl



7 years ago
7 years ago


(Reporter: wolf, Unassigned)


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7 years ago
mozbot.pl is a bit huge and has several packages contained within that should probably live in separate files. (As noted by reed in Bug 531785 Comment 22)

I'm proposing to move the Base Module and the static Admin module out into their own files, as they're distinct packages anyway, which should make things less confusing.
I like this plan from a development perspective, and from a QA perspective, it will make documenting these modules much simpler (and better mozbot documentation is something I need to get around to :( ).

Comment 2

7 years ago
Use of uninitialized value $BotModules::Admin::variablepattern in regexp
        compilation at ./lib/Admin.pm line 163 (#1)
Use of uninitialized value $BotModules::Admin::variablepattern in regexp
        compilation at ./lib/Admin.pm line 179 (#1)
Use of uninitialized value $BotModules::Admin::cfgfile in exec at
        ./lib/Admin.pm line 420 (#1)

Hmm, guess its not quite as self-contained as I thought...
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