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Update appearance of About window on Vista/7


(Firefox :: Theme, defect)

Windows 7
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Check URL to see the change together with style. I don't remember if it was Faabor or Limi who agreed with me on this.

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That pic with the style looks a bit better than the current style because of the color used by other windows programs matches the shade of white with light blue.
The current version looks a bit washed up and faded.
If you want to put together a patch, I'd approve it, but we won't block on this.
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Now we need to find someone with free time.
Attached patch would this work?Splinter Review
This probably isn't the right way to go about doing this. Looks like aboutDialog doesn't have any native theming for any of the themes.
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would this work?

I only briefly skimmed the patch. AFAICT that should work on systems that use Aero but won't have any effect on Windows without Aero or other platforms. I think that ideally we'd want to improve things there too.

I think it might be better make these changes for all platforms, except make the bottom box gray on non-Aero and the light blue on Aero.

If no one else has time, I can create a patch that does this later this week.
Thank you!
Can someone finish/review the patch, please?
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You have to find a reviewer and request review  for the patch
I'm presuming this is redundant now with the new about dialog?
This bug doesn't apply to Nightly and Aurora.
Apologies, I thought the release build about screens has been redesigned too; presuming not then :-)
Keywords: polish
Isn't this fixed even for Stable / beta channel builds ?
Unfortunately no. No one has touched this bug.
Closed: 7 years ago
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