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Enable time tracking for Fennec product


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Hi Bugzilla experts
I would like to ask whether it would be possible to add a number field to our mobile bug that allows a drop-down selection of values 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 measuring "Implementation Effort". That way we could rate every mobile bug based on our effort estimation.
How long would it take to implement this change?
Thanks very much, Thomas
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Any update on this? It would be awesome to have the requested field as soon as possible for our release planning. Meanwhile we are using Whiteboard as a workaround. Thanks!!
tarend: Bugzilla does have a time-tracking system which is designed for this sort of thing; however, it is only enabled and disabled globally, and adds significant UI complexity.

What is the problem with using the status whiteboard for this? Many people and groups use it for marking bugs in ways which do not require new fields to be defined.

If you want something a bit more structured, we could add 5 keywords.

There are two problems with using whiteboard: (1) extra typing (and chance of error), (2) no way to sort easily (e.g. by priority, severity, AND implementation effort). That is why an actual numeric field would be easier. Every other workaround would make it somewhat cumbersome to assign priority, severity, and effort to each and every bug. THANKS!!
are you actually using priority?
Yes: - we are just starting to use Priority, Severity, Implementation Effort
so, in theory you should be using time tracking.

there's a group, it's possible to make it inherit from another group. we can create a group for you, give you bless for that group and then make time tracking inherit your group members.

this gives you time tracking. anything you can't do with time tracking is a bug in time tracking which you need to file.

so, if you're willing to work with us,

1. marcia/reed create "fennec" group
1b. description "fennec mobile development team"
2. marcia/reed grant bless(fennec) to you
3. marcia/reed make the time tracking group inherit the members of the fennec group
Assignee: nobody → reed
Depends on: 554098
Summary: Adding number field for mobile component → Enable time tracking for Fennec product
It is done.
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