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Make sure delete_user is proxied and tested correctly



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8 years ago
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delete_user needs to be proxied when called in reg. The functional tests already exercises this feature, so resolving the bug consists of:

1- finding out why the test does not fail on the dev cluster. That can be a bad LDAP ACL config on weave-dev-reg01 or a bad app config.

2- making sure the functional tests fails on -dev

3- fixing the code
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proxy the delete call

To be applied once 1- and 2- are resolved
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proxy the delete call

valid based on past experience fixing delete-account
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1 - weave-dev-reg01 was configured to work with weave-dev-master01, thus was able to do direct delete calls. I've fixed the configuration so it now works with weave-dev-slave01.

2 - Once the configuration was changed, Hudson started to fail and reproduce the same pb every time it attempted to delete a user:

ERROR: testQuota: Storing an item should increase the quota usage for the user
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/srv/hudson/jobs/Sync-Server-Functional-tests-dev/workspace/tests/functional/server_tests.py", line 291, in tearDown
    weave.deleteUser(test_config.SERVER_BASE, user, self.password, withHost=test_config.HOST_NAME)
  File "/srv/hudson/jobs/Sync-Server-Functional-tests-dev/workspace/tests/functional/weave.py", line 194, in deleteUser
    _url_error(e, url)
  File "/srv/hudson/jobs/Sync-Server-Functional-tests-dev/workspace/tests/functional/weave.py", line 37, in _url_error
    raise WeaveException('\n'.join(msg))
WeaveException: 'Unable to communicate with Weave server\nCode: 500\n\nhttps://dev-auth.services.mozilla.com/user/1/weaveunittest_spilxubggd/'

Hudson is back to normal once I apply the patch. That validates the code and the proxy call is properly tested.
About the proxy feature: it's going to be refactored in bug 625355 next. Applying this fix is still useful to unblock stage on this delete feature for the time being.
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done in http://hg.mozilla.org/services/server-reg/rev/65e9fe86b959
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
https://services.stage.mozilla.com/delete-account/ works
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