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showDocument(url,frame) doesn't work as expected



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Java: OJI
18 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: Stephane Barbaray, Assigned: Igor Kushnirskiy)


Windows 2000

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18 years ago
Using "_blank" as frame argument does not open a new browser window but replace 
the current applet page! Furthermore this is freezing the browser window...

This problem is known to happen on Mozilla 0.6 AND Netscape 6 final, on Win32 
AND Linux, maybe elsewhere...
Does this happen with a recent Mozilla nightly build?  Both 0.6 and Netscape 6.0
branched from the trunk in September and have not received many of the fixes
that have gone into the nightlys since then.

Comment 2

18 years ago
Yes, still happen with build 2000121304

Comment 3

18 years ago
Marking NEW as per comments.
Ever confirmed: true

Comment 4

17 years ago
Reporter, in an attempt to find the correct owner for this bug, could you please
describe it more precisely? i.e. which part of Mozilla is concerned? Do you have
a reduced testcase where we can reproduce the bug? is showDocument a java
function or a DOM function? Sorry that I'm so ignorant but this information will
help me reassign this to the correct engineer, since obviously this component is
Severity: blocker → major

Comment 5

17 years ago
This problem has been resolved since 0.8 apparently...
Here the exact description : showDocument(URL,frame) is a java function aimed 
to open an URL in the browser, when using the frame argument "_blank", the 
expected result is to open a new browser window and show that url in that new 
window, but instead, it was opening in the applet window and replacing by the 
same occasion the applet page then leading to a browser hang up...
By the way, my problem was a double bug, because the URL used for my java 
applet is pointing to an RTF (Rich Text Format) file, and the integrated RTF 
viewer is big ****, I've not been able to see anything from my files with it 
(hanging up the browser), even the simpliest rtf file is showing badly, 
furthermore there is no way to override this viewer and use Word or anything 
else instead, the strongly suggested solution would be to *remove it*, 
unfortunately nobody seems to be decided to do anything with bug 
http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40058 :-((((
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 6

17 years ago
This is not a pluglet bug.
moving to oji
Component: Java-Implemented Plugins → OJI

Comment 7

17 years ago
Thanks for the explanation, I understand much better now. Even better if the bug
is fixed. :-) Just for your information, the correct component for the Java
implementation in Mozilla is "OJI". "Java-implemented plugins" is for plugins
that have been implemented using the OJI itself.
Reassigning to OJI so they can verify that this is indeed fixed.
N.B: I didn't even know we had a RTF viewer ;-)

Comment 8

17 years ago
Changing QA
QA Contact: geetha.vaidyanaathan → rpallath


8 years ago
Component: Java: OJI → Java: OJI
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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