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[Win] update installer elements to read Mozilla Firefox


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Windows 7
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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #628868 +++

Recent research has shown that people tend to view Firefox even more favorably
when they understand our mission and non-profit roots. To help encourage that
understanding, we're making an effort to reference "Mozilla Firefox" instead of
just "Firefox" whenever possible.

I've filed a few bugs on this already, but one of the most impactful areas would be to update the install process.

I don't want to add churn when we're nearing the final stages of shipping the product, but this does tie into some pretty key organizational goals. Is this something we could do for Fx4 and, if so, how can I help?

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With teh way the Windows installer is written we could do this fairly quickly with minimal risk.
rstrong - thanks for the bugzilla cleanup.
The l10n impact here makes this a non-blocker for Firefox 4, we'll have to fix it for next release.
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Yep, that makes sense... Firefox is used in sentences withing the installer UI and changing it to Mozilla Firefox would likely require l10n changes.
No objection from me on that - thanks guys.
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Latest from product marketing is that we are going with Firefox, Firefox Beta, Firefox Aurora. Is this still valid?
Thanks for checking back in. The latest thinking is captured here:

That's still a work in progress though, and in particular we haven't finalized whether Mozilla will stay with the Firefox wordmark or not (as you can see in the above link, we're currently presenting both options, but that's definitely not a long-term solution).

So, let's put this on hold for now and I'll update again when a few more things are resolved (which I hope will be fairly soon).
I'm very concerned then since we have been asked to change the shortcut name to Firefox, Firefox Beta, and Firefox Aurora. This requires migration code and going back and forth between names would not only be a waste of time but be a PITA.
Hey Rob. Sorry to add any extra confusion here. If it helps, the plan is definitely to keep the app name everywhere it appears as just Firefox. The part that's still up in the air is whether or not the actual wordmark file should include Mozilla, but that's more of a visual change than anything else.

Bottom line, what you said in comment #6 is correct.
Awesome and thanks especially for getting back to me so quickly. I'm going to close this out and resolved wontfix. If there are images that need updating that can be done in a Firefox -> Theme bug.
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