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7 years ago
Scenario - I have lots and lots of tabs open, I go to panorama, create a new tab group, and start dragging.

I decide I need to open another tab group, and do so. 
The tabs suddenly stack, for no obvious reason. (the window got too small)

Undoing what I did (deleting new tab group) does not bring it back.
This isn't mentioned in help.

I spent about 15 min trying to work out what I'd pressed, or if there was some context menu, and going through bugzilla and help until I realised the issue.
Ian, did resizing the group (there's a resize widget in the bottom right, most likely) not fix the stacking?

The stacking is part of the design of "groups" when there isn't enough space in the group to lay out all the tabs without them being microscopic. You can click the "expand" button below the stack of tabs to see them all laid out, too.

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7 years ago
Yes, it did. 

However, I diddn't realise that the window had resized, as far as I was aware, I'd created a new group, and something completely wacky and unexpected happened.

Reverting the change I intentionally made - removing the group - did not fix this.

For me at least - covering this in help would have solved the issue, as would a tooltip along the lines of 'resize the group to see all the tabs'
(In reply to comment #3)
> For me at least - covering this in help would have solved the issue, as would a
> tooltip along the lines of 'resize the group to see all the tabs'

Unfortunately we're way past the point (for fx4) where we can add strings like tool tips.

Marking this for future consideration.
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Panorama has been removed from Firefox 45, currently in Beta and scheduled for release on March 7th. As such, I'm closing all existing Panorama bugs.

If you are still using Panorama, you will see a deprecation message in Firefox 44, and when 45 is released your tab group data will be migrated to bookmarks, with a folder for each group. There are also a few addons offering similar functionality.

See for more info.

We're removing Panorama because it has extremely low usage (about 0.01% of users), and has a large number of bugs and usability issues. The cost of fixing all those issues is far too high to justify, and so we'll instead be focusing our time and energy on improving other parts of Firefox.
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2 years ago
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