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7 years ago
Thunderbird Shark builds should be re-enabled so when people try to provide backtraces or performance profiling information, they can do so.  At least after we point them at the Shark builds.

It would be nice to get them turned on for both Trunk and the stable branch, but Trunk would be most useful.
We disabled these because we thought that they weren't being used, and they were just taking up builder time...

From what I understood, the back traces can be obtained via nightly builds as they don't strip symbols.

For performance/profiling information, would doing shark builds on try server be better (maybe not for every build, but maybe occasionally ones).
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7 years ago
I did not know that, although you might have told me that before. :)

We don't need the ability to trigger Shark from our JS code, which is what I think makes the Shark builds most special.  (I thought they were also special for symbols, but am happy to be wrong about that. :)

I will find/create/amend a webpage so that I can just drop a link to the page into bugs to tell people how to get a build that will work for them.  I will drop that link in here and on the origin bug and on tb-planning.
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7 years ago
This is wiki page I created:

I have linked to it from as well.
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