Rename mid-air collision to be save conflict, or some other more appropriate warning




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While 'mid-air collision' may be considered witty or cute, it has some very negative connotations in certain environments.  Coming from an Air Traffic Control world, I've had to change this error far too many times.

A more professional, and more descriptive, error would be Save Conflict.  

Reproducible: Always
Whiteboard: DUPEME wontfix?

Comment 1

8 years ago
WONTFIX?  Why not?  Someone can't spend 10 minutes to review a simple, 7-line patch?
Similar to "zarro boogs found", the phrase "mid-air collision" is a cornerstone Bugzilla phrase that has been used for years. As such, we have no interest in changing it. Even our documentation notes this potential problem:

"bug/process/midair.html.tmpl: This is the page used if two people submit simultaneous changes to the same bug. The second person to submit their changes will get this page to tell them what the first person did, and ask if they wish to overwrite those changes or go back and revisit the bug. The default title and header on this page read "Mid-air collision detected!" If you work in the aviation industry, or other environment where this might be found offensive (yes, we have true stories of this happening) you'll want to change this to something more appropriate for your environment."

Comment 3

8 years ago
I think that "zarro boogs" serves a purpose to remind the user to double check their spelling.

Including a warning "This may be offensive" doesn't sound like something that should be included in this caliber of a program, even if it has been around for 10+ years. (prior to 2.16 as far as I can see in a 2 minute search)  I equate it to having a severity of 'Completely Fooked' as a default setting.

Comment 4

8 years ago
Hey Mike. I understand your point, but it's only offensive in the airline industry. Otherwise it is a standard term that we have been using for over 10 years and refer to all over the place. I don't see a strong need to change this in the core product.
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