Add-ons manager search for available add-ons doesn't include add-ons that are already installed in the results




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7 years ago
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Windows 7

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7 years ago
1. Options/Add-ons
2. use the upper-right search field to search for "firegestures"

Found extension KwiClick

Found extension FireGestures

Searching works well directly on a.m.o.

Reproducible on Win7 box, but NOT reproducible on OSX.
Honza, does the following command return Firegestures as first entry on your Windows7 installation?

I'm pretty sure we already have such a bug on file, but can't find it.
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7 years ago
The URL in comment 1 returns FireGestures as the first result (the first <addon> node name).
WFM on Win7. Is it possible you already have FireGestures installed on that machine?

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7 years ago
Yes I do.  Now I get it.  It is the switch between My Add-ons and Available Add-ons that I completely missed appearing on the UI.

On OSX the switch has been set to Available Add-ons and not My Add-ons, that's why I believed it is not reproducible on OSX.  Switching to the other "tab" hides the extension.

This is quit confusing, I usually don't report bugs until something really stops me.

Maybe turning the titles to look like tabs would be better?  But maybe I'm just kinda blind.
Jennifer, it looks like we need your feedback here. Probably we have to get better in handling local vs. remote search results in the UI.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Sorry about attachments without comments ... newbie on Bugzilla!

I just wanted to pipe in here and let you know that I was tripped up by the same problem (Ubuntu).

Search result defaults view to "My Add-ons" radio button selected, and empty search result. Didn't even see the "Available Add-ons" radio button at the top of the screen.

Expected result:
Default radio button "Available Add-ons", especially if the search result turns up blank.

That I completely missed the existence of that radio button suggests the UI could be a bit better for this.

My suggestion (for what it's worth) would be to have the Search only for Available Add-ons. For "My Add-ons" add a menu item on the left menu that would be called "My Add-ons" that would just list all installed. I can't imagine many use cases where a user would need to query their Add-ons vs. being able to scroll a list.


3 years ago
See Also: → bug 1143560
Changing the summary to accurately reflect the actual problem this bug describes.
Summary: Add-ons manager search doesn't find an expected add-on → Add-ons manager search for available add-ons doesn't include add-ons that are already installed in the results
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