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Bugzilla left pane returns after exiting FF until explicitly closing tab


(Firefox :: Settings UI, defect)

Windows 7





(Reporter: grog, Unassigned)




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After looking at Bugzilla for a while, I exited FF.  At a later time, I loaded FF and the left pane(?) of the Bugzilla opening page was there.  I checked my Home Page setting which is about:blank.  Then I deleted the tab that Bugzilla was on, closed FF, started up FF, and got an empty page as expected.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.load bugzilla opening page
2.close FF
3.load FF
4.see left pane of bugzilla opening page.
Actual Results:  
saw left pane (forget what that's called) of bugzilla opening page

Expected Results:  
Home Page setting = about:blank - blank page
This is continuing to happen.  I find this very weird.  I tried it with Google Firefox Start page and it didn't do it.  Note, that page didn't have "panes" on it - Bugzilla at the above address does.  It looks a little funny at that. sg
_Only_ the left "pane" returns.  I assume that the problem is somehow connected with page layout(panes) and , well, I don't know how it does it.
This one may turn out to be irreproducible.  I made a new bookmark for and it works fine.  No left pane, no returning after closing FF.  But the old bookmark, which has exactly the same URL, is still malfunctioning as described above.
Ok.  I have a partial answewr to this problem.  "Load this bookmark in a sidebar" was checked in the old bookmark.  But this doesn't explain why, when load in sidebar is checked, does the page reappear in a sidebar after I close FF and reload it.  To me, it's a problem waiting for some foolish person to stumble upon.
If it is not expected behavior, steps to reproduce:

1. Right-click on a bookmark
2. Click on Properrties
3. Select "Show in Sidebar"
4. Click on Save
5. Click on same bookmark
6. See that page in the Sidebar, rest blank
7. Close Firefox
8. Run Firefox
9. See bookmarked page in Sidebar, rest blank
10. Close Sidebar tab
11. Close Firefox
12. Run Firefox
13. Do not see Sidebar

note: using about:blank as Home Page
Severity: normal → S3
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