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Add the comm-central source stamp to Thunderbird's source stamp file


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(thunderbird3.1 .10-fixed)

Thunderbird 3.3a3
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thunderbird3.1 --- .10-fixed


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Now that bug 549958 has altered how the source stamp files are done, we should append the comm-central stamp to Thunderbird's version of the file.

Patch attached to do that (I would copy and paste to suite, but I expect that SM probably wants to do their extension repos as well).
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The fix

I'm happy with this as a standalone, but I *really* want this taken one step further for us... and basically reverse

By doing s/MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP/COMM_SOURCE_STAMP/ in c-c (even with an export from our root Makefile) and even having it utilized for suite, etc. (for the sourcestamp file) suite can add the extensions to the sourcestamp file in another bug.

But if that is more than you have time for, or disagree with my plan you can land this as is, just please file a bug for the plan I outlined.
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Checked in:

Raised bug 630487 on the follow-up tidy up.
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The fix

Should consider for 3.1.9 once the dependent bug lands.
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