it is not clear how sync propagates some changes, which may result in dataloss




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8 years ago
i could not find any documentation nor clear answers at support forums regarding how sync propagates some changes.
in my example i did "forget about this site", and later replaced my places.sqlite files with older backup files from a time before the forget operation. i wanted to get those links back.
i could not find any conclusive knowledge whether sync would propagate the deletion again back to override the old files, thus meaning i should disable sync before restoring the files, reset sync, and then do a replace of the server data instead of merging.
restoring a system to a previous state is an important operation, and we should prevent dataloss in this case, or dismiss worries about dataloss if it will not occur.
i would like to see clear documentation:
1. how does sync propagate deleted/forgotten about places to it servers and other systems
2. could a merge operation result in deleting places and dataloss
3. what to do when locally restoring places data to a previous state. is it necessary to disable sync? is it necessary to reset sync? is it necessary to do replace instead of merge?

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8 years ago
nominating due to dataloss
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8 years ago
Not knowing how sync functions in this situation is not a blocker.

Bugzilla is also not for questions, it's for bug reports, so marking as invalid.

The best way to find the answer to your question is to ask in one of the Mozilla newsgroups:
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