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7 years ago

At the moment it's hard to tell what each of the tests does at a glance. The "Test" description tells us more or less what it does, but only if you are familiar with the tests, but I can imagine people who just want to look at results might wonder what the test is doing and right now there is no brief description of what the test does.

Right now I can't tell if I should be concerned or not by a test failure in this particular instance, because I don't know what the test is checking.

A brief description on hover would do: "This test checks that an update was offered, that the update was applied, and that the resulting build launches." Or whatever.
Well, there are pros and cons about descriptions like that. At the base it would load a huge amount of work onto our plate, which isn't worth it at the moment. Instead I would like to have links to the appropriate test file and even the line in the test. That would help a lot more as having a single line of description.

Also a general test description would be nice, but we will have to wait until the new TCM is in place.

Juan, what do you think?

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7 years ago
I think if you ask anyone on the larger QA team, anyone on irc, or any dev, they would not be able to tell at a glance what the test does. If the link to the test file shows me code, that means one more level of understanding I have to go through before I know what the test is doing. Clicking on it will depend on me having the right amount of time and curiosity at that moment, which could be in short supply if there's a release going on.

This is just a bug and not a request to prioritize any work for you. Is it worth it? I don't know. If we want more people to look at the results and interpret them, lowering the barrier for test results interpretation can make the difference between someone becoming engaged and someone taking a quick peek and leaving. 

I would consider this a very solid enhancement.
Now covered by https://github.com/whimboo/mozmill-dashboard/issues/17
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