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Newly created LDAP address books don't use to use the SSL port if specified


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Thunderbird 3.3a3
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This is a regression on trunk. If I create a new LDAP address book which is intended to connect to an SSL LDAP directory, then the server URI preference is of the form:

ldaps://<servername>/<rest of url>

If I do the same in 3.1 the the preference is of the form:

ldaps://<servername>:636/<rest of url>

Both should in theory work, as 636 is the default for LDAP SSL, however there's obviously an issue when not specifying the default port.
cc'ing Shaver and Justdave as I think this may have been one of the issues they were seeing with LDAP a week or so ago.
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Simple fix - if the URL is an SSL one, then use the LDAPS_PORT as default not the LDAP_PORT.
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The fix

I tried clearing the port on an existing ldap address book using the properties dialog, and it silently set the port to 1, which is probably not what we want. But when I edited the uri by hand to remove the port, this code worked fine.
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Checked in for today's nightly:
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You just made the cut before this build started ^^  :)

Verified.  My Mozilla address book works now. :)
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> Verified.  My Mozilla address book works now. :)

Excellent :-)
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