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crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal]


(Core :: IPC, defect, critical)

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(Reporter: jdm, Assigned: jdm)


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(1 file, 2 obsolete files)

This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-049a1da3-0f33-42dc-9150-097b32110203 .

According to the stack, we're trying to load a frame script in-process due to a DOM event being fired, and meanwhile XPCOM is shutting down.

0 	PL_DHashTableOperate 	pldhash.c:615
1 	nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal 	nsTHashtable.h:171
2 	nsInProcessTabChildGlobal::LoadFrameScript 	content/base/src/nsInProcessTabChildGlobal.cpp:334
37 	mozilla::ShutdownXPCOM 	xpcom/build/nsXPComInit.cpp:637
38 	NS_ShutdownXPCOM_P 	xpcom/build/nsXPComInit.cpp:595
39 	ScopedXPCOMStartup::~ScopedXPCOMStartup 	toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp:1119

Since this is just the script caching breaking (sCachedScripts is null), I'm hoping we can change a couple lines and avoid this:

>620  nsFrameScriptExecutorJSObjectHolder* holder = sCachedScripts->Get(aURL);

>703              sCachedScripts->Put(aURL, holder);
Component: General → IPC
Product: Fennec → Core
QA Contact: general → ipc
Add a null check?
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Avoid caching frame scripts during xpcom shutdown.

Could you just return early if !sCachedScripts?
Do you really want to just not execute the script if we can't cache it?  Granted, this is during shutdown, but it makes me nervous.
We shouldn't run any new scripts during shutdown, IMO.
When you say new, do you mean never-seen-before, or just scripts in general?  Because there's no way to determine if a script is new or not, as we've destroyed the script cache.
I mean we shouldn't allow executing nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal.
The whole DOM and layout has been already shutdown if sScriptCacheCleaner is null.
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Avoid caching frame scripts during xpcom shutdown.

This is a safe crash-on-shutdown fix that was popping up fairly regularly in b4 crash stats.
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Closed: 9 years ago
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Crash Signature: [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal]
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