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Annotate svg-as-an-image reftests that fail on d2d as "fails-if", not "random-if"


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Currently, the following tests are marked random-if(d2d):
> 63 random-if(d2d) == img-widthAndHeight-meet-1.html  img-widthAndHeight-meet-1-ref.html
> 64 random-if(d2d) == img-widthAndHeight-meet-2.html  img-widthAndHeight-meet-2-ref.html
> 65 random-if(d2d) == img-widthAndHeight-slice-1.html img-widthAndHeight-slice-1-ref.html
> 66 random-if(d2d) == img-widthAndHeight-slice-2.html img-widthAndHeight-slice-2-ref.html
> 67 
> 68 random-if(d2d) == img-height-meet-1.html   img-height-meet-1-ref.html
> 69 random-if(d2d) == img-height-meet-2.html   img-height-meet-2-ref.html
> 70 random-if(d2d) == img-height-slice-1.html  img-height-slice-1-ref.html
> 71 random-if(d2d) == img-height-slice-2.html  img-height-slice-2-ref.html
> 72 
> 73 random-if(d2d) == img-width-meet-1.html   img-width-meet-1-ref.html
> 74 random-if(d2d) == img-width-meet-2.html   img-width-meet-2-ref.html
> 75 random-if(d2d) == img-width-slice-1.html  img-width-slice-1-ref.html
> 76 random-if(d2d) == img-width-slice-2.html  img-width-slice-2-ref.html

I'm pretty sure they're all perma-fail (with a few px difference) on D2D-enabled windows, though -- not random.

Filing this bug on
  (a) verifying that the above is true on TryServer
  (b) applying s/random-if/fails-if/ (assuming that (a) succeeds)
I just gave a quick whack at (a), layered on top of my patches for bug 614649 -- we'll see how it turns out.

TryServer tbpl:
Turns out some of the tests seem to pass.  Pushed to try again with the fails-if/random-if(d2d) annotation completely removed for those tests, and it came up green:

I just requested additional reftest runs for that build, to get a little more statistical significance. If they're green, too, then I think we can assume these tests are stable.
oops, I left out the "rev=" in the URL from comment 2.  Meant to say:
Ok, cool - so I got 4 reftest runs each, on Win debug and Win opt, and they were all green (modulo a known randomorange in plugins code) - so I think it's safe to say that these tests all reliably pass or fail as marked in that TryServer push:
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I don't think there's a bug tracking these D2D failures themselves, so I filed bug 633072 on that.

I added a comment with that bug number to all the "fails-if(d2d)" entries in as-image/reftest.list, and landed:
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