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Quick filter button/menuitem shouldn't be invisible when disabled


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Thunderbird 12.0


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When you can't activate the quick filter bar, the tab bar button for it is hidden via visibility:hidden. I assume this is intentional (so the tabs don't expand/shrink when you switch to/from a tab where the qfb is useless), but this has two problems:

1) When looking at Lightning tabs, there's a big empty space where the qfb
   button would be, which looks weird.
2) The visilibity:hidden style appears to be applied to the menuitem in View ->
   Toolbar as well, so there's an invisible row. Based on the comments, it looks
   like this should actually appear as disabled, not invisible.

I'm not sure what the best way to fix (1) would be, but you could probably fix (2) by setting an attribute on the button and then use a CSS selector to make it invisible, which would hopefully not mess with the menuitem. I'm not totally sure this would work though, since I think the problem is some strangeness with the observes attribute on the menuitem.
Attached image Inverse button order
In my theme I changed the button order. First comes the QFB button then the lightning buttons. With this I have no gap between the lightning buttons and the tabs-alltabs-button, when the QFB button is invisible.

Only when the tab bar is full of tabs, the gap is visible.
Instead of visibility:hidden using opacity:0.3 would fill the gap, but show it's not active.
I guess this also applies to the menu item "View->Tool Bars->Quick Filter Bar". (See screenshot)
By the way: this is from the just-released Thunderbird 5.0
So now (on comm-central), the quick filter icon is disabled properly, but the menu-item is still invisible. We should fix that.
Attached patch Partial fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here's a fix for the Javascript code and the GNOME theme. I'm not totally sure what's going on in the other themes, though. Do you mind taking a look, Richard?
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Partial fix

Great! This is what I tried to do but failed miserably with my JS knowledge.

This makes the menuitem visible in disabled state.
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This additional patch makes the QFB button a toolbarbutton-1 like all other buttons. With this we could get rid of a lot of CSS code (especially under Aero) which is imitating the toolbarbutton-1. I added also the changes for Aero to show what could be gained.

Unfortunately this makes the menuitem also a toolbarbutton-1. I found this comes from the observes="qfb-show-filter-bar".

Squib, do you know how this problem could be resolved?
Attached patch Fix menu item observation (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch, applied on top of my original, should fix the issue with class="toolbarbutton-1" being copied onto the menuitem (it also fixes a related issue where the menuitem's label is replaced, from "Quick Filter Bar" to just "Quick Filter").
This is now the full patch. The QFB button is now a real toolbarbutton-1. Instead of the visibility=hidden state the button and the menuitem have now the disabled state.
Assignee: nobody → richard.marti
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This looks and works nicely on Windows 7.  Testing on XP, Linux and OSX next...
Seems to fix the problem on OSX as well - though I have to ask, is the QFB button really supposed to look the way it does when clicked on?  See forthcoming screenshot...
Ok, another thing I've noticed:

On Windows XP and OSX, if the QFB Button is depressed, and I switch to another tab (like the Addon Manager), the QFB button is (correctly) disabled, but the state of the QFB Button is not displayed.

This is not consistent with what we do on Linux and Windows 7.  There, if the QFB Button is depressed, it is clear that it is depressed even when switching to other tabs.

I think I prefer consistency whenever, assuming we want all of these to agree, which way should we go?  Show or hide the depressed state?
This patch makes the QFB button a standard toolbar-button. This means the styling is defined in toolkit and only for Aero in primaryToolbar.css.

It looks like not all systems have a disabled depressed state.

I could add special styles for this but I think bwinton should decide what we need and how this should look.

So bwinton and I just talked about this on IRC, and I think what we'd like is that if the currently selected tab is not the mail tab, the QFB button should be disabled and not depressed.

Can this be done?

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Make QFB button a toolbarbutton-1

Review of attachment 586567 [details] [diff] [review]:

Code looks good, and assuming that the depressed state thing gets fixed by the combination of this bug and bug 715495, r/ui-r=me.  Thanks for your work!

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If this is getting checked in, we should probably file a followup to fix the checked-and-disabled state in Linux (bug 715495 should cover Win7).
Duplicate of this bug: 717033
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Unfortunately this broke unit tests so I backed it out:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Attached patch Test fixes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Whoops - I forgot to take into account the Mozmill tests.  :/  Sorry about that.

This patch fixes those failures that caused the backout.
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Test fixes

These tests now pass locally on Windows 7.
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Test fixes

r+ assuming tests pass.
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I hope it's okay to set checkin-needed with the r+ of the test fixes.
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Hey - the patch appears to have bitrotted against pinstripe/mail/quickFilterBar.css.  I manually corrected it, and I'm doing a try-build here:

Can you take a look at my manual fix for quickFilterBar.css and ensure I did the right thing?

Assuming yes, and assuming the try build passes without an issue, I'll commit this.

Keywords: checkin-needed
Your fix is looking good. For me it's okay to commit if the build passes.
Blocks: 690631
No longer blocks: 690631
Sorry, this one slipped off the radar for a few days.

This is an aggregated, un-bitrotted patch.
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Duplicate of this bug: 735807
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