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Add final parts for the Firefox Spark promotion


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We need:
* final image
* better end date
tracking-fennec: --- → 2.0+
Ok. Coming right up.
Attached image SparkStartPage_portrait
I have pngs and PSDs of each as well. Let me know.

-Confirming URL with Mike Alexis. 
-End date will be unclear until we get launch date. If we launch March 21, we should take this down after 15 days.
We can use the images attached here. We only want the image of the actual spark. Also, you changed the text: "Play Firefox Spark"  -> "Firefox Spark   [Play]"

Changing the text is bad for l10n.
Hey Mark,

Re l10n, we must have gotten our lines crossed. When I sent your the first rev of the screen shot and ask for feedback, I was not me finalizing copy for l10n. The final graphic and copy is what I added to this bug today. Did l10n start working on the mockup that I sent you to comment on?

You can or can't use the images I attached? Do you want me to send you the layered PSD so you can grab just the Spark? Would you like me to just get the Spark graphic and nothing else from the agency? Let me know EXACTLY what you need so I can get it to you.

Thank you.
We use as few images as possible when making content. Anything that doesn't need to be an image is not an image.

The only part of the banner that needs to be an image is the spark thingy. "Firefox Spark" and "Play" are text, the black banner is HTML and the yellow button is an HTML button.

Yes, I assumed the last bug was final. We landed the design and the strings. I will now try to get these strings landed instead.
So, the button is the only way to launch the URL? I mean, if the user taps on any other part of the banner, nothing happens?
FWIW, the rest of the "rows" on the startpage are "tap anywhere to launch"
I see. Was curious why you wanted me to file the bug without anything to give you. 

I'd like there to be a button <Play> to make it more actionable, but if user hits any part of the banner, it should launch to the URL.

I'll ask them to just provide the flame in .gif and .png. Thanks.
OK, after thinking about this, I can't land any string changes this late for
Beta 5. This change will have to wait for right after  Beta 5.

We would break localizers too close to the Beta 5 release, potentially breaking
Beta 5 for some locales.

I'll make a patch, but it's for post beta 5
Ok. As long as we are in for launch. ;) Thanks Mark.
Attached image Spark icon
A png with an alpha channel would be better.
Attached patch patchSplinter Review
This patch fixes the strings and layout to match the current design. We still need the URL and the final image, unless _that_ is the final image.
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
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Attached image how it looks
Thanks. How do you like it? I don't want it looking too much like a fixed, bottom banner. We could make it narrower? Or keep as-is?
Any way to make the flame move? Just trying to think of ways to make it look more tappable.

We also discussed today running the campaign through April (while our live events are still in the works) so the end date is tentatively Thursday, April 31.
Attached image Spark png
I also added a fix to correctly center the "No tabs from last time" row in Recent Tabs
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Closing this bug since the enddate (4/31) and url have landed. If we need to change the end date, file a new bug.

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