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Add a pseudo-class to access indeterminate <progress> elements


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According to the specs, a progress element can be indeterminate. It might be interesting to let the authors access indeterminate progress elements given that they might want to style them differently.
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For what it's worth, this is going to conflict with the various patches in bug 	313351, and bug 598833.  I can handle merging if this lands first, I guess, but just wanted to give you a heads-up.
And wait.  Why do you need that AfterSetAttr gunk?
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> And wait.  Why do you need that AfterSetAttr gunk?

Eh, I don't indeed: indeterminate state only depends on one attribute's value. This should make the merge issue smaller. Thanks for the noticing ;)
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Updated patch. Boris, you won the right to review it :)
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Patch v1.1

s/determinated/determined/ and looks good.  And yeah, now you're only conflicting with code I haven't written yet.  ;)
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I wonder if we shouldn't use :-moz-indeterminate instead of :indeterminate here.
I've open a bug against HTML specs to have it specified:

Though, I should probably send an email somewhere to ask for a better specification of the indeterminate pseudo-class in CSS. I wonder if CSS3-UI couldn't simply override what Selectors say (it doesn't really say anything actually, the only specs is a Note....).
David, what is your feeling about comment 7? Boris is ok to not prefix it (according to our IRC conversation).
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Backed out in to resolve bug 655860.
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The regression wasn't caused by these patches. Re-landed:
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I'm ok with unprefixed.
No longer depends on: 655860

It looks like the :indeterminate pseudo-class is not being triggered on <progress> elements with no value.

Just try opening this page:

in Firefox and then in Chrome.

In Chrome, you'll get animation for indeterminate progress bars.

In Firefox, the bars are just staying solid.

Also, when you click "inspect element" in Chrome, you'll see that the progress bar has the :indeterminate pseudo-class selected.

In Firefox, it doesn't.

Oh, I'm sorry, it looks like :indeterminate is in deed being triggered in CSS, so probably the animation isn't done quite right. I'll check it out further.

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