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7 years ago
See bug 580926 for addition.
I was contacted by them. They want to be "anonymized", hide their name, because of their resellers. They requested to replace "domainFactory" with "ispgateway.de". I am filing this bug for tracking.

I personally do not think this is a good idea, because the technical (not just contractual) provider should be responsible and be held responsible and must not hide from the users.
Also, this "hiding" was a big problem for me in the beginning, see original bug.
OTOH, I don't want to disrupt their business either.
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2 years ago
<documentation url="http://www.df.eu/de/service/df-faq/e-mail/mail-programme/">

Settings from https://www.df.eu/de/service/df-faq/e-mail/pop3-imap-postfaecher/mail-programme/#c7963

  What are the server information for the e-mail programs?

    In the tables below you can see the server information that you need when you set up your e-mail
     inbox in an email program. Detailed instructions for setting up your mailbox to different mail 
      programs can be obtained from the questions below on this page.

  Server name

    Enter the following server name if you want to receive your emails via an unencrypted connection 
     and send:
                                 Server                Port   Connection Security
      Incoming Mail Server, POP3 pop3.ihre-domain.tld  110    no
      Incoming mail server, IMAP imap.ihre-domain.tld  143    no
      Outgoing mail server       smtp.ihre domain.tld  25     no

   use Encrypted connection

    To instantly use an SSL-encrypted connection when sending and receiving your e-mail, define the 
     following server information:

                                 Server             Port   Connection Security
      Incoming Mail Server, POP3 sslin.df.eu        995    SSL or TLS
      Incoming mail server, IMAP sslin.df.eu        993    SSL or TLS
      Outgoing mail server       sslout.df.eu       465    SSL or TLS

   Please note that if you use STARTTLS, is the port for the outgoing mail server 25 instead of 465th

  User name

    Username is your e-mail address. Alternatively, you can use the six-character user name that was 
      assigned automatically by the system when you create the mailbox in the customer menu.

Just to note settings from https://www.df.eu/de/service/df-faq/e-mail/pop3-imap-postfaecher/mail-programme/#acc7199

    <incomingServer type="imap">
    <incomingServer type="pop3">
    <outgoingServer type="smtp">
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