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don't set up selection listeners for controls other than text fields


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We need to set up selection listeners for controls that has own selection controller like text fields, other controls should be handled presshell selection controller (that is added when document accessible is created). However we need to unregister selection listener for text field controls when something else gets focused.
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nsCaretAccessible manages the selection listeners (, see SetControlSelectionListener and ClearControlSelectionListener methods. FocusManager class (FocusManager.cpp in same folder) manages the accessible focus and set selection listeners for control when control gets focused. So FocusManager should take care to remove current selection listener.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.
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hi alexander, i would like to take up this bug and work on it. can you please help me out?
basically I need to update on comment #1:

you need to fix SelectionManager class (SetControlSelectionListener and ClearControlSelectionListener methods) to make it check weather the frame object has NS_FRAME_INDEPENDENT_SELECTION state. If it doesn't then return early. That's it.
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Hi, Kushagra - Are you still working on this?
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Hi Mike, I am really sorry. Totally forgot about this bug, will take it up after the weekend if that is fine with you?
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Absolutely, and thank you!
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Attached patch Initial patch.Splinter Review
Hope the patch is somewhat on the mark.
Can you also please help me out with C++ debugging for the mozilla code.
Thanks :)
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Initial patch.

Review of attachment 8433366 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: accessible/src/base/SelectionManager.cpp
@@ +38,5 @@
>  void
>  SelectionManager::ClearControlSelectionListener()
>  {
> +  if (!mCurrCtrlFrame || mCurrCtrlFrame->NS_FRAME_INDEPENDENT_SELECTION == NULL)

I think the idea should work but you didn't build it and run automated test suite, right? It looks like you should use GetStates()
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Mentor: surkov.alexander
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Hi Alexander,
I would like work on this bug. Can you please assign me to it?
Let's check if Kushagra works on it
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Sorry, I won't be able to work on it. Assigning it to Kevin.
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