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Does not set filesystem permissions correctly for directly opened files


(Firefox :: File Handling, defect)






(Reporter: hamster163, Unassigned)


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For every file opened directly from Firefox, the file is given the permission of
"rw-------" (i.e. "600"). The desired behavior is "rw-r--r--" (i.e. "644").

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a file (e.g. PDF) from Firefox by selecting "Open with...". The opened file will also be saved in the default download folder.
2. Go to the default download folder and run "ls -l" in the terminal.
Actual Results:  
The file has the permission of "rw-------".

Expected Results:  
The file should have the permission of "rw-r--r--".

It is related to a previously reported bug: The previous bug has been resolved, but only for files that are saved explicitly.
Blocks: 624995
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: file.handling → file-handling
Version: unspecified → Trunk
This is purposeful.  The files that are opened in helper apps are often stored in a system-wide temporary directory (though not on Mac, as it happens), so if the permissions used were world-readable then everyone with accounts on the system would be able to read all those things you view in your browser.

The problem is that the safe permission behavior here depends on the permissions set on the download folder...  I'm not sure we want to get into games of guessing that sort of thing, so we should do the same thing, in my opinion.
And this is not really blocking bug 624995; this is a totally different situation because the file is in a very different place (again, except sometimes on Mac).
No longer blocks: 624995
I suspect that this is the reason why saving image files using drag-and-drop also sets the permission to 600.

However, in this case, I feel as if the behavior is a bug, because the user is choosing a destination for the file -- whether it be the desktop or a folder in the Dock.
The drag and drop code is also separate from the code this bug is about.  Please file a separate bug on that?
Product: Core → Firefox
Version: Trunk → unspecified
Severity: normal → S3
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