Allow localizers to localize add-on summary/description


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7 years ago
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(Reporter: kohei, Assigned: dynamis (Tomoya ASAI))





7 years ago
While there are a lot of localized add-ons on AMO, most of them don't have localized summary/description on the listing page. That means they are not shown in the search results in non-en-US queries -- in other words, big opportunity loss -- not good both for users and developers.

To workaround the issue, we've manually collected Japanese-localized add-ons and written their Japanese summaries and added them to our AMJ collection since 2006. There are over 650 add-ons at this time.

If you don't know about AMJ, see

Our work has greatly improved findability for Japanese. Search タブ (tab) at AMO and AMJ and find out the difference: (15 results) (134 results)

However AMJ is just a workaround. AMO should make l10n easier. Bug 278748 (in the short term) and Bug 369070 (in the long term) will resolve the issue. One more suggestion from us is to allow localizers to localize add-on summary/description.


7 years ago
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Dynamis is collecting translations and will send them to fligtar who will distribute them to the add-on authors.
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Thanks for filing this.  Due to resource constraints we are closing bugs which we won't realistically be able to fix.  If you have a patch that applies to this bug please reopen.

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