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[autoconfig] Align labels and textfields on the existing account wizard


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

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(thunderbird11 fixed, thunderbird12 fixed)

Thunderbird 13.0
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The name/email/password fields in the Account Creation wizard have labels with a class="autoconfigLabel" which just sets a certain width in em. If any of the labels is longer, the textfields are misaligned. You can see tat in TB 3.1 in French, it looks really awful. The bug is assuming that the labels are smaller than so-and-so em.

Similarly, in the Result display (after we found a working config automatically), the "Incoming"/"Outgoing"/"Username" labels are not base-aligned. Maybe because the labels have a smaller font. <hbox align="baseline"> doesn't fix it. Also, they should use a <grid>, too, for the same reason as above.
Attached patch WIP (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Work in progress fix. This does:

- use grids for the problem areas to account for different length of strings.
- currently uses sizeToContent to fix the problem where the error text goes off the window.

This doesn't yet fix the vertical alignment of the results when something is found in ispdb.
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Summary: [autoconfig] Align labels and textfields → [autoconfig] Align labels and textfields on the existing account wizard
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For the vertical mis-alignment, I've been able to fix it by changing the descriptions to a textbox, but making that textbox disabled and look the same as a label. This is also good from the a11y point of view as it means we can link the labels to the text.

I'm a bit concerned about overrunning the window width, but I'm failure sure we're not going to hit really long configs. If we do, then we might have to reconsider it, but generally this should look a lot better than it does now for the majority of cases.

For the sizeToContent issue, I had a look at doing it a slightly different way, but that didn't work unfortunately, so for now, this is the best I can do, but I'll file a follow-up bug if you want.
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The fix

Review of attachment 576713 [details] [diff] [review]:

On Windows: Hit tab, type "jdfkls@fjdls.fdjskl", hit tab, hit shift-tab, type "fjdkls", hit shift-tab, type "fjdsklfdjskl", hit tab a bunch, and watch the fields change width.
  Because of this, I'm going to have to give this a ui-r-.

But the code seems good, so it gets an r=me.  :)

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Andreas/Richard, would you be able to look at comment 5 for me? I can't reproduce that on Mac.
I can confirm this behavior on Win7. This is because the password textbox is using italic text for the placeholder and switches to normal when the textbox is active. When you set #password {width: 165px;} the box width is stable.
I think the width is dynamically calculated based on the font and italic is wider than normal.

PS: The same happens with the Gloda searchbox.
Richard any quick fixes coming to your mind ?
The only quick fix would be to use non-italic text. If this is okay I can write a patch for this.

Blake, what do you mean?
Can you whip up a patch with non-italic text, and we can see how that looks?

Attached patch New FixSplinter Review
This patch is based on Mark's patch with this changes in mail/themes/qute/mail/accountCreation.css:

I added

@namespace html url("");


textbox.padded html|*.textbox-input:-moz-placeholder {
  font-style: normal;

Because of this I'm asking only for ui-r.
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Attached image Comparison
On the left with Mark's patch added and on the right with my additional fix.
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New Fix

Stealing this ui-review from bwinton
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New Fix

Works great!
Labels can become really long and widgets do no longer resize. Also tested in RTL.
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New Fix

I didn't do a detailed review, but this looks like the right approach, it's using <grid>, and we should have done that all along.
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Perhaps we should file a Toolkit bug on the resizing widgets? That seems wrong in general...
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