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devicemanager should have the ability to terminate when it can't launch a second process


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currently when we are launching a process, we check if it is running first and spit out a warning.  The problem is we continue to run and timeout because our intended process never launched.
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this patch adds in an option to fail a launchProcess/fireProcess call if we detect the process is already running.  Clint pointed out that launchProcess will return None if we fail getDeviceRoot() or if we fail fireProcess().  I think in both of these situations we should expect things to fail miserably.  It is unfortunate that we don't have a error code system, but this seems acceptable to me.

In addition, while testing this on a windows box, I found that we had some backslash issues and a simple fix in pushFile does the trick to get us up and running.
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fail if we are already running (1.0)

+    if ( == "nt"):
+      destname = destname.replace('//', '\')

Not sure what this is doing... should this not be .replace('\\', '/')?  It's translating from a Windows path to a Unix path, right?

-    if self.fireProcess(cmdline) is None:
+    if self.fireProcess(cmdline, failIfRunning) is None:

Btw, in general you should be careful with "is".  It verifies that the two objects are one and the same--not just that their *values* are the same.  In this case it's fine, but in general == is preferred unless you have a really good reason to be comparing object identities.

Anyway good aside from my question up top.
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updated for the fix.  I had transposed these and didn't catch it before hand.  I did a quick cleanup of some rouge print statements as well.
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fail if we are already running (1.1)

Looks good, thanks!
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