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End of Life Plan -


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Let's determine what the end of life plan for the Spark Campaign will be before it launches.

* When will the Spark campaign end?
* When will we retire / shutdown the website and campaign?
* What will be done with all of the data that we've collected for the campaign (especially the user information)?
Thanks for filling this.

*Spark campaign is targeted to launch March 21 and end Saturday, April 30. 
*I feel the campaign website should stay up for a couple of more weeks with new content and refreshed stats, but checking with agency on their thoughts now.
*Let me ask about user info. Folks who want to will opt-in to receive email, but I think we may be able to send out a follow-up campaign newsletter with one more CTA to stay connected.
We'll need to be very careful about emailing if we haven't asked for permission to do so.  If we can build the content in a manner that's considered transactional, we can do this.  We may need to get legals sign off as well.
Blocks: 642340
No longer blocks: 642340
-Spark campaign will end: End of May (appx 8 weeks)
-Campaign recap + inforgraphic, wew creative (2-3 weeks)
-Shutdown the website: End of June
Checkin ~3 weeks after site launch to address timing, what's working/what's not, metrics, etc.
This database is intended to be dropped when we take the site down.  We will not need to worry about identifying specific data to expunge from the database upon website retirement.
Blocks: 646528
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