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End of Life Plan - Bespin Plugin Gallery


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Let's determine what the end of life plan will be for the Bespin Plugin Gallery.

* When will we retire / shutdown the website?
* Where will website visitors be redirected?
* What will be done with all of the data that we've collected
(especially the user information)?
Semi-related: What ever happened to the old jetpack gallery? There was a ton of useful code in there which is now just gone (or so it seems).
The Jetpack Gallery was retired, and Bespin Gallery was based off the Jetpack Gallery code.  

Here's the blog post for the Jetpack Gallery:

The code is in subversion at:
I suggest that we give 6 months from the date of the Skywriter/Ace merge announcement:

Which would put decommissioning around July 18.

I suggest redirecting to that blog post, since it provides the clearest picture as to why things were shut down.

Finally, I think the data can just be deleted. The service was never truly production and in 6 months I'm guessing that users of Bespin/Skywriter will have made the transition to Ace.

Thoughts on that?
Kevin all of that sounds good.  Redirecting visitors to the blog post makes the most sense.  And it does seem like we can just drop the database - I do assume that most of the plugins will have been rewritten by that time or can be considered invalid/abandoned.

I'll make a note to being the retirement process in July.  Thanks!
Whiteboard: [2011Q3]
It may be a good idea to put a warning message at the top of the site now, so that people have ample awareness that the site is going away.
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We are now 6 months past when the blog post was written and it should be ready to completely retire. Is there anyone else we need to get approval from before I submit an IT bug to delete the data, delete the code, and redirect to the blog post?

No, I think we're fine. Go for it!
Website retired and redirected to blog!
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