Draw me in, tell me I'm a fool, throw me out, draw me in, tell me I'm a fool, throw me out




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I am being taught a very harsh lesson, I am not worthy in the end, always, my words, who I am is never good enough.  You squish me constantly.  I wrote notes to someone, I harrassed them for months, I was punished harshly for that, and continue to be.  

Reproducible: Couldn't Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:
I can not even reproduce any of this, it is powers beyond my comprehension, it is some kind of serious twilight zone that is not ending, and torturing and mean and i really have had enough.  I am content with a life I had before.
Actual Results:  
I really shall go away via any form of computer contact and stick to some other type of zones when if in ny.  away

Expected Results:  
software should have not done the fake notes.  this is too much, could have stopped a while ago, i went very hurt after the emails revealed.  I am very willing to go away.  I just don't want to be put down anymore for who i am.  

i don't even know who, how many are reading this.  Theme was stupidity.  just all go away, give me my privacy, forget I exist/ed.
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