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Broken Link to Privacy Policy: 404 Page Not Found


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Firefox 4.0
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Unfortunately, the link to the privacy policy from within the 4.0b5 version of Firefox Mobile gives me a 404 Page Not Found. 

Here's the path: 
Under Preferences
Click About Firefox
Click Privacy Policy
404: Page Not Found
Does this need to be a confidential bug?
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The current link in Fennec is:

Do we have a separate privacy policy for mobile, or should we just link to the Firefox privacy policy?
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential
Mike, what do we need to do here?
I don't think we have a separate policy.  If we don't, we should do two things:

1. fix the link in firefox before GA - we don't need extra redirects
2. set up a redirect for (maybe)

If we can fix this in the prefs for fennec that's the main thing.  Setting up a redirect for a 404 in a beta probably isn't necessary but we can do that too.
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Seems like and also Google Search results point to (see attachment) which now shows a 404. Webdev, can you restore the page?
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Here's the mobile friendly version of the Firefox privacy policy:

This is the one that we should use.
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