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We're seeing this all over our MPT puppet master:

Feb 28 16:46:03 production-puppet puppetmasterd[32585]: Allowing unauthenticated client access to puppetca.getcert

The host isn't in the build inventory, and presumably shouldn't be in the build network.  Can it be taken out, unless its owner is known (in which case, let's get it out of the VLAN)?
cc'ing ctalbert. Sounds like an ateam machine to me?
Perhaps - it could also be an old name still in DNS.
No, there is a machine with that name taped to it sitting in AFK.  I blame ctalbert. :)

Comment 4

8 years ago
Whoa, that thing fell through the cracks.  It's not being used for addons testing anymore (they were the beginning of the talos for addons effort that is now tracked in bug 599169).  

There are actually three of them.

qm-maddon01 (mac)
qm-waddon01 (windows)
qm-laddon01 (linux)

Now that I know I have these I'd like to reimage them to stock versions of their OS's and repurpose them for other stuff.  Is that something y'all do(IT) or is that something I need to do?

I've verified that there's nothing running on this slave any longer.  Shut it down for now to prevent it from causing problems (if needed), and yes, please take all three of these out of the build network.
These are in the AFK ratsnest, which I do not want to touch under embargo.
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8 years ago
(In reply to comment #5)
> These are in the AFK ratsnest, which I do not want to touch under embargo.

Absolutely understandable.  Let me know if you need anything from me.
I just went into lab:

qm-maddon01 (mac)
qm-waddon01 (windows)
qm-laddon01 (linux)
...were all powered off in QA lab. I've removed them from racks and handed to zandr.

1) Dustin: Interesting to note these were already off. when did you last see messages about them?

2) anything left to do here or can this be closed FIXED?
I suspect they weren't actually off, but removing them from the rack seems to have done the trick.
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