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add sandbox.Android, and skip a few crashtests so we can run green on Android


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this patch ends up doing a skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="Android") on all hangs and failures.  There are 5 failures that don't need a skip-if, but a "fails-if(..) load filename.html" results in a manifest parsing error.
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
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skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="Android") for crashtests.list that hang/fail (1.0)

for remote testing, we don't really support .xul (it doesn't load over http).  That is the majority of the changes here for crashtests.
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For pedantry's sake, you should use skip-if for tests that hang or crash, and fails-if for tests that fail. (skipped tests don't get run at all, fail tests will still run, which is nice).
Assignee: nobody → jmaher
yes, I use skip-if for all the .xul files which hang and tried to use fails-if, but I ran into manifest errors when using a 'fails-if(...) load filename'.  So there are some comments in those instances indicating it should be a fails-if instead of a skip-if.
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you could add a line saying:
  sandbox.Android = xr.OS == "Android";

and then you could just write all of this as skip-if(Android), fails-if(Android), etc., which would be preferable.

Don't we flip the remote XUL pref while running reftest and crashtest?  Is that insufficient for loading over HTTP?  Or is the mobile harness just not doing that correctly?
updated to include a sandbox.Android as suggested in previous comment.  Also updated patch to register a remoteXUL instance for a webserver when we are accessing a manifest via http[s].  This works great and only 2 crashtests need to be skip-if to run clean on android tegra.
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skip-if(Android) for tests that hang (2.0)

I'd somewhat prefer not to have the permission manager stuff in reftest.js, which I'd prefer not to mess with profiles or mess with them as little as possible.

We already have stuff to set up the appropriate permissions in and
Maybe needs similar code?
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thanks for the pointer to how this is done in  I wasn't aware we had added support for permissions.sqlite entries.  I was able to do this and have a working patch that does the trick.
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Summary: fix crashtests.list files to ignore hangs and failures on Android → add sandbox.Android, and skip a few crashtests so we can run green on Android
this patch is still blocking us from running crashtests on android.
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skip-if(Android) for tests that hang (3.0)

r=dbaron.  Sorry for the delay.
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Closed: 12 years ago
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Have bugs been filed to re-enable these test? If not, please do. In any case, the manifests should be annotated.
Depends on: 644697
Depends on: 647990
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